Sailor Moon Wantlist/ Looking For/ WTB/ Help me find! :)

This is my Sailor Moon wantlist, items I'd like to get and am looking for, if I have a price range I'll try to specify it. If you see anything I'm looking for let me know!
I have paypal, I usually buy from places like SeraSell, eBay, and Yahoo!Japan auctions via SMJ. So those places are most welcome, but if you know a reputable person selling something I'll consider it.

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2012 Sales

Granted permission to sell on smcollector on July 22, 2012. My feedback includes eBay, serasell (now closed), and smcollector's current feedback system.

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Need Trading Cards? Check out my Trading card sales! Spreadsheet of available cards (and a sheet for my wantlist) here: - Please leave a comment here on my sales post about any cards you would like to purchase. Generally cards are 25 cents each but some may be more. I usually give discounts to people who are purchasing a lot of cards.

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Remember to leave feedback here!


Trading Card Sales

TONS of extra trading cards... I have some complete sets and many extras otherwise. I don't know the names of all the sets so please bear with me on that. I am willing to work with you, but I will no longer be holding anything past 5 days, if you want to make a down payment within the 5 days then we can discuss holding the item(s) longer.

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Collection 2011... currently being loaded to Flickr!

So I now have a Flickr account and so far I'm loving it for my collection... I uploaded a ton of scans of books, etc photos of all my plush, individual images of RPG items, but I still have more to add such as dolls, the rest of my scrolls and posters, cels, etc.

Anyway, I just feel it's more organized there and easier to link to that than list all photos individually here (which to me is a huge pain! Especially in editing LJ)

So here you go: kotohime's Collection on Flickr (Photostream)

My Collection Displays

My Collection Displays as of 1/20/2010
I'll be getting more items soonish but for now I have finally got my room set up and more or less clean, with much of my collection on display. I can't determine if it seems larger or smaller this way haha... some stuff is in "storage" as well though, particularly the Christmas Items and whatever posters and scrolls I can't hang up b/c of limited wall space.
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*****MUCH of the descriptions were copied off of what I posted on my dA account when I uploaded these there. So if you think you've seen or read it before that's why*****

What the...? Are these boxsets really worth this much???

I honestly can't believe this... I mean....
Just look:
And screencap for future reference perhaps:

I watched those early on b/c I think they were at $270 when I started watching, out of sheer morbid curiosity since I own both of these box sets...
are they really worth THAT much???? When did they suddenly become worth THAT much....
I remember when they used to sell for $50... and that seemed expensive...

WOW just... wow... I really don't know what to say... that's over half of what I paid for my current car... hot damn... ^^;

I have this thing where if I'm bored/have time/feel like it I sometimes watch items I already own on eBay to see their current "value" I also do this sometimes for Y!J though that's more difficult but anyway... so far this is the only item/auction that has really floored me... I'm in so much disbelief...

I can't believe no one posted this on smfans and such though I know one or two of those comms have rules against posting eBay links but still...
Yeah... I wish I had a extra set of these lying around... they'd be gone in a heartbeat XD I can't wait to see more of these pop up on eBay with what? $700 BIN -_- I hate those...

Anyway, just wondering if I'm the only one on LJ that caught this...